Visual Art by Ilana Katz Katz

Ilana’s visual art is available for purchase! She explores a multitude of mediums into an artistic gumbo that spans two dimensional wall art, one-of-a-kind good mojo luck charms, and a plethora of customized apparel. She’s well-known for her painted boots that she often wears while performing, but Ilana also paints sandals, belts, jackets, bracelets and anything else her visual muse dictates. Links to examples of her art and ready-to-purchase pieces are below. Contact Ilana if you are interested in commissions.

  • Watercolor paintings. A selection of her watercolor paintings are available for purchase on her “Happy Katz Art” Etsy site
  • Good mojo luck charms. Ilana’s newest artistic offerings are laminated hand-signed post-card sized positive affirmations that you can carry with you to bring you good luck and energy.  Who doesn’t love good mojo? They’re very affordable – $15 including postage – and make great gifts to yourself or loved ones. Ilana will happily customize them with your favorite affirmation or uplifting quote. 
  • Painted apparel. Ilana’s painted boots and sandals are mainstays of her performing wardrobe, but her innovative creativity is ever changing and new ways of decorating her belts, bracelets, berets and more are evolving continually.

Ilana's watercolor Etsy store

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Ilana's Good Mojo Luck Charms


Ilana's other decorated apparel


Ilana’s painted footwear

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Two-Dimensional Wall Art

Ilana’s passion for art truly began as a child with fingerpaints. She’s so pleased to be offering her paintings for purchase, as below, and also to be accepting commissions for watercolors. She loves painting with watercolors, drawing with all kinds of pencils, pens, markers, charcoal and whatever she can find. If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings below, they’re available in her Etsy Store – HappyKatzArt. But you can also contact Ilana for commissions. 

Who doesn’t love good mojo?

Ilana is very excited about her newest artistic offering! Good mojo luck charms! Ilana will create one just for you! Choose from the ones below or if you have a favorite affirmation or saying, Ilana will create a new one, especially for you. 🙂  She was inspired to create these bright, postcard sized, laminated ‘charms’ with uplifting sayings and affirmations to share with people she loved and to lift her own Spirits. The response was so positive that she recently created this initial line of what she calls “Good mojo luck charms.” Each one is a high quality reproduction of her original art, numbered and hand-signed. She inscribes them on the back to you or someone special you want to share it with. They are portable and a wonderful way to carry positive energy everywhere you go. Put them in your bag, on your night stand, in your instrument case, on your fridge or on your bathroom mirror so the first thing you see in the morning is a positive thought to start your day. I hope they will make you smile and bring you joy! Each one is $15, which includes shipping. 

Reach out to Ilana if you are interested in one of the designs below or if you have your own favorite quote.  Check back often as she’ll continually be adding to these creations.

Wearable Art

Ilana’s wearable art stemmed from a sudden inspiration to add some flair to her boots. Once she got started painting her boots, she painted every pair in her closet. From there, she began to decorate her berets, painted belts and more. She continues to enjoy repurposing clothing with her own style.

If you are interested in customized, wearable art, contact Ilana for more information. In any case, she hopes you enjoy these examples of what she created. 

Painted footwear

Ilana began painting her boots and sandals a few years ago. She wears them when performing, but also has made some commissioned designs for other artists. Here are some examples. 

Wearable Art

In addition to painted boots and sandals, Ilana decorates all kinds of clothing. Here are a few examples. 

Ilana on Instagram

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