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Welcome to Ilana’s website! 🙂

Ilana’s inspired creativity comes to life in many forms. Her signature Blues and appalachian fiddling and singing are mainstays on the Blues festival circuit. Her thought-provoking debut novel – “The Underground” – was optioned for a screenplay that she recently completed. In between all of that, she’s an expansive visual artist, creating many components of her performance wardrobe (uniquely painted boots, belts, decorated berets and jackets). Her two dimensional art includes bright watercolor paintings and “good mojo luck charms” – which are customizable, affordable, and available for purchase.

The pandemic launched a flurry for her artistic muses and she’s poised – later in 2021- to release her fourth solo record – “In My Mind.” Her latest novel “Housebound” is in the final editing stages. She’s creating the illustrations for her newest writing endeavor – “Miss Catty and the Batty” – an educational light-hearted children’s book and her original paintings are already for sale on Etsy. To keep up with her artistic forays, sign up for her monthly email newsletter, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to her YouTube channel. Enjoy!

“ilana Katz Katz travels handily across wide and personal terrain in Movin’ On, spanning blues and old-time American tunes and songs, and featuring some of her own ‘take no prisoners’ compositions. Great contributions from blues icons Barry Levenson, Bobby Radcliff and Louisiana folk virtuoso Cedric Watson help to make this a fun and uplifting musical journey.”

– Bruce Molsky, Appalachian Fiddle and Roots Music Guru

“Ilana Katz’s gorgeous new release is a breath of sweet, honest air that takes the listener on a journey thru old time traditional fiddle and blues inspired originals. She effortlessly makes the old sound new again, mining past treasures and informing them with her unique sonic signature. She wears her heart on her sleeve while daring her listeners to step back into the future.”

– Anne Harris, Blues Fiddler

“Brilliant and soulful.”

- Ronnie Earl, Blues Guitar Master


"Ilana's musical presence carries a whole stage all by herself. She - alone - is a full band."

- Bobby Radcliff, Bluesmaster


Fun Facts About Ilana

  • Ilana has performed in Boston’s subway more than 400 times.
  • Her last record (”Subway Stories” on Vizztone Label) debuted on the Living Blues Charts, received many stellar reviews, and was #11 record for the year (2017) by the “Rock Doctor.”
  • She won the Boston Blues Challenge (solo) and performed at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN (January, 2018).
  • Ilana is an official “Fishman” artist as of December 2019, endorsing Fishman products that she proudly uses because she thinks they are the best amplifiers/pre-amps on the market today.
  • Her 2016 record release “Movin’ On” (Regina Royale Records) made the top ten list for 2016 – across all genres – by Steve Morse (Boston Globe, Berklee College).
  • Her original “Marlyn’s Blues” from debut “I’ve Got Something to Tell You” earned a finalist spot for “Coolest Blues Song in the World 2015” by Big City Blues Magazine.
  • Her unique fresh breath of Blues fiddlin’ and singing have been played on radio stations all over the world. 
  • Ilana loves to bake and often gives out homemade cookies at her shows. During the pandemic, she surprised various fans by mailing them cookies, since live shows were halted.
  • Ilana is a published novelist “The Underground.” This novel was optioned for a screenplay, which is finding its way to the best people to bring this story to the screen. 
  • She’s performed solo in all kinds of places. A few favorites are: the Mayor of Boston’s International Gala Ball, subway stations and streets across America, and at Juke Joint Fest in Clarksdale, MS. 
  • Ilana often donates her busking tips to the Killer Blues Headstone Project, providing headstones for Blues musicians lying in unmarked graves.
  • Ilana is an avid runner and has completed 3 marathons, including the Boston Marathon.
  • Her full legal name really is Ilana Katz Katz. Here’s the story behind that.
  • In May 2021, Ilana received the “Fierce Warrior For Joy” award from the Jazz Blues Florida publications. THIS is the coolest award award she ever received. 🙂
  • It’s May 13, 2021. If you have read this far and you want Ilana to send you some home-baked cookies, Ilana will be sending home baked cookies to the first two people to find her facebook page and the post from THIS day announcing this new website and write your favorite cookie as a comment. See, it pays to read to the end! 🙂